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application for IGN shibarnomah Empty application for IGN shibarnomah

Post  kenny1002 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:20 am

Real Life Information

Name:Kenny Nam
Location:we we we westside california home of the in n out burgers and fish tacos.. come over for LAN party! :3

In-Game Information

Summoner Name:shibarnomah
Summoner Level:30
Main Champion(s):xin zhao (jungle/counter jungle), annie, vayne, jarvan, renekton, Gangplank, etc (learning more)

Misc Information

What other clans have you been in?:none, didn't even know there were clans out there for LoL
What other games do you play?:just league of legends, i think i "waste" 7 hours a day playing LoL when i stay home.
When will you be able to play?:i am very active you'll see me on almost everyday.

I would like to add that I want to join mainly because I am sick of riot's matchmaking system and instant lock scrubs (in ranked). Also I can use the friendly company to play with Smile

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