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Post  SuperStishious on Wed May 18, 2011 2:58 am

Just thought i'd share kinda an "About Me" so here goes
My name is Corey (yup theres an E somhow its always misspelled =P ) and im 16. ive been in the US my whole life but dont expect perfect grammar and capitalization. this is a forum, not an essay. ANYWAYS ive been lvl 30 for a while now and started recently getting into ranked gmaes. i have only 9 atm done but 6 wins 3 losses with a 1313 Elo i believe. Champions i mainly play are:

I can Jungle, support, tank etc. Kinda a jack of all trades. i usually let others pick whatever then fill in the gaps to make SURE we have an decent team comp. 9/10 games i do are 5 man premades already with a ventrilo server i hang on with maybe 50 or so ppl. i have over 200 wins and i think 65 or so champions. still not 100% on runes but more games i play the more i can grab. though i already have 2 full tier 3 sets and am about halfway to a 3rd. Not that its a HUGE deal but most champions i play i have a skin for as i like supporting this game. and i wanna look good when i penta kill your team =D About my playstyle: I dont carry usually, nor do i feed. just kinda the guy who hangs back and does what he can to help his team win. HOWEVER i am not the "Rage" type. infact i normally blame myself. if i lose a game i dont call something OP (nobody is OP in this game. some are stonger then others. many "weak" champs can still surprise you though, especially late game and if fed so watch out thinking <random champ> is UP i can dive him. DERPED MY HERP. and you gave First blood GJ. anyways blaming myself- if i died in a teamfight i think how can I buy an item to help me stay alive longer or do more dmg etc. not OMG TAUNTED FOREVER *rages harder* I don't swear either. i keep fairly calm. Like i said i am used to running with a team and constantly ward the map, there is a small issue im working on with myself though. Criticism. i like it and dont like it. it helps me get better and have another opinion so thats good but it depends on how you say it, i BEG of you not to go OMG WTF your build. if i ASK you hey im not doing well with shaco (example. though i actually cant play shaco for my life) then give me tips with runes, masteries, summoners, etc. I'm fairly decent with last hits (100 in under 20 minutes. faster if im not harassing).

All around i feel im pretty good at this game and could be very good if i spent more time playing (easy to do over the summer) and i'd be glad to see what i can do for you guys, as well as hope you guys can help me get better even faster. I havnt been in many clans however in my WC3 days as well as WoW i was a part of many guilds and clans etc. that worked as a team very well while still having a good time. I've even performed leadership roles when asked/given and again, i feel i would fit well with you all. Thanks for reading my book lolz.


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Post  Snorty on Wed May 18, 2011 10:13 am

That is quite the introduction. Welcome to the community Smile

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