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Post  DeltaEpsilon on Tue May 31, 2011 4:34 am

Real Life Information

Name: Dakota
Age: 17
Location: Georgia, US

In-Game Information

Summoner Name: DeltaEpsilon
Summoner Level: 30
Main Champion(s): Vladimir, Katarina, Olaf, LeBlanc. I'm a fan of AP bursts, obviously, but I also have experience with Soraka as my reserved support. I'm bad at tanks (I've played several games as Alistar and Rammus, wasn't much for me), so I don't try it.

Misc Information

What other clans have you been in?: ZealotGaming for League of Legends, plenty of others in other games.
What other games do you play?: Aika Online, Vindictus, Cabal Online, Atlantica
When will you be able to play?: All Day Erry Day. More Specifically 4 PM EST and later.

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