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Post  Dream on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:39 am

Real Life Information

Name: Jeff
Age: 18
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

In-Game Information

Summoner Name: Dre4mm
Summoner Level: 30
Main Champion(s): I can play allmost, if not all, champions really good. Because i have ALLOT experience in DotA. But the champions i like the most is: TF, Vlad, Yi, Lux, Shaco, Katarina, Evelynn, Mundo, Akali and allot more Smile.

Misc Information

What other clans have you been in?: I haven't been in a clan, but allways wanted to be.
What other games do you play?: I only play League of Legends, and when im really bored i play DotA League.
When will you be able to play?: I play allmost 24/7 Smile

- Hope hearing from you, it would be a pleasure being in your clan! Smile


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